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Eight Opioid Safety Practices for Patients and Caregivers

May 14, 2013

An opioid is described as being any group of medicinal substances that bind opioid receptors and are often given to sufferers of chronic pain. There are safety practices that go along with taking opioids, however, that can keep you out of harm...

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What is Chronic Pain?

Apr 15, 2013

If you live with chronic pain, you know that chronic pain is different. In this video provided by the American Chronic Pain Association, Ed Covington, MD, director of the Cleveland Clinic Pain Management Program, explains some of the physiology of...

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Communication Tools for Visiting Your Doctor

Nov 9, 2012

Having good communication with your health care provider is so important in getting the help you need to live well in spite of your pain. The American Chronic Pain Association has provided some online tools that can help you talk more productivel...

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