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Neck Pain

  • Bulging Discs: In the neck these can be a cause of pain. At times they may represent a tear in the disk or may be responsible for inflammation, resulting in cervical neuritis. This is also true of disk herniations which can do the same and also cause direct nerve and spinal cord compression.
  • Failed Neck Syndrome: Pain that persist after surgical correction.
  • Cervical Spondylosis: Arthritic changes in the neck causing the neck to curve and or twist. This pain is usually one sided and limits the ability to turn the neck. Muscle spasms are often present.

Treatments for Neck Pain

  • Bulging Discs: This condition may be treated with medication and injection therapy. Occasional surgical referral may be needed.
  • Failed Neck Syndrome: This condition may be treated with medications and injection therapy. At times, spinal cord stimulation can be employed as a permanent solution to this problem. Intrathecal pump therapy may also be an indication after other therapies have failed.
  • Cervical Spondylosis: This condition can be treated with a series of injections and possibly a radiofrequency lesioning of the nerve.



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